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Every reputation and circumstance is unique, to combat negative
online content for personal and/or business profiles, we
have an arsenal of tools.

Our research goes beyond other firm’s simple online search. Our proprietary Net-TechCrawler™ searches all the popular search engines such as: Google, Yahoo & Bing. Our technicians prioritize what to target first and/or most, based on rankings, and URL unique monthly hits. Your bad reputation results may appear on the 1st pg on Google, and 3rd pg of Yahoo. We target what matters to you most.
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It is possible to tell Google to go fly a kite. Our Google algorithm enthusiasts stay up-to-date on any potential or actual changes to Google’s de- indexing algorithms protocols. Algorithms and de- indexing techniques are not only applicable, these search-de-indexing technologies are the backbone of online URL-link delisting. Our team uses a mix of white hat protocols and techniques to de-index.
Estimates show 90% of people don’t search beyond, the first two pages of Google. Moreover, 95%-99% don’t search beyond the 3rd & 4th pages, respectively. Our tactical high-press (HP) stacking solution may empower you to take control of what 90%-99% of people find online about you. If the first 2-4 Google pages are full of positive content about you and your company, you may control up to 99% of your online reputation.
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Google’s new machine-learning artificial intelligence (AI) system called “RankBrain” helps sort through its search results. RankBrain is integrated with Google’s establish HummingBird search algorithms. AI technologies have an open protocol for the good of, and the expansion of AI technologies. Our team of experts access AI open protocols, to not only stay current, but foresee changes in search algorithms or other AI algorithm protocols. AI is the future.
The number of social media users has grown from 1.2 billion, to 2.77 billion in just 9 years. If you are not using social media to help your reputation, others may be using it against you. Our team of experts specialize in individual social networks. We will assign a dedicated specialist for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any number of networks. Our experts are versed on techniques, such as, influencer attachment, pixels and bot technology—for maximum results.
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Search engine optimization
Optimizing a website URL can get the page to the top of a Google search. De-Optimization, or “Repeal SEO” does the opposite, it pushes down web URLs. This technique, used in combination with other metrics, such as stacking and adding high quality industry-relevant promotions (“PR”) may maximize results, while cutting the time and cost. While others optimize web content, our team can reverse the roles, and bury your negative content, one link at a time.
Our legal team goes beyond the threatening seize and desist, or infringement threat to file suit. Our reputation speaks for itself. Our legal team knows the relevant law, e.g., Title V, of the Telecommunication Act, and other relevant state and federal privacy laws. We enforce and/or expose the grey-lines online forums use of Section 230, to avail themselves from liability. Our legal team leaves no stone unturned, we will fight to FixYourName.
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When celebrities, politicians and high profile athletes get in trouble, they call their public relations (PR) manager—before their attorney. Now, you can have the same level of protection, without the high profile cost. PR is a powerful online tool, to not only combat your negative content, and bury it, but also to heighten your reputation. Imagine searching your name on Google and it’s filled with only positive content about you. PR along with other strategic online techniques can change what people think of you.

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Our model is “No reputation is too large, or too small. ™”. Your online reputation is a choice. We have the tools and can customize a solution based on your individual needs. In today’s digital era, there is no need to fear your online reputation. We have the tools, you have the choice.

Request a Private consultation, you have nothing to lose, but your bad reputation.

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