BIRDEYE REVIEWS: A top-tier review software provider, or just a 10-year-old; outdated software?

The primary question may be: Do Birdeye, Inc. ( negative reviews, complaints and lawsuits tell an accurate depiction of their business model; does it reveal the hidden facts of their business structure, or is it a misrepresentation?

We will dive deep into Birdeye, and its competitors’ Pros & Cons below. Let’s dig in…


Looking for information on Birdeye, before you buy?

It’s no secret, Reputation Reviews Software (RFS) providers, such as Birdeye and other TOP reputation review software competitors: Podium ( ), and Fixyourname ( ), as well as other, best-in-class RFS all have their collective reputations to protect.


How does Birdeye stack up against the competition?

Below we will dive deep into the Pros & Cons, and other attributes.

Beforehand: As every business owner knows, every company should make their online reputation a top priority and should protect it; thus, every business regardless of industry must manage their positive, natural, and negative online reviews. The important question is, which Review Software Provider offers the best-in-class software for your business?

The list of Review Software providers is virtually endless. Many are based in India, Pakistan, and some in California, such as, in the tech capital of the United States. Review Software providers range everywhere from high cost, low-cost, down to worthless, and even complete scams. One way to find out more about the Reviews Software provider you’re considering is by a simple Google search of “The company name”; ‘customer complaints “. This is a must, before making your purchase decision.

By doing so, you may discover hidden fees, contract limitations, and other drawbacks to the Review Software Provider you’re considering.

There’s no doubt, choosing the right Review Software provider can make all the difference in the number of positive reviews you receive; as well as, the false and negative reviews you’re able to block and/or remove.

One attribute to consider in choosing a Review Software Provider is the manual work they are able and willing to do, beyond the automated software.

In other words, do they simply provide software to track, monitor, and receive more reviews? Or does the reputation management agency also provide a negative review removal service? If you’re looking to remove negative reviews, consider Fixyourname’s “If it’s not removed, you don’t pay” —Policy.

If the company you chose only provides reviews software to get more reviews, you may want to look to Birdeye and Podium competitors, such as Fixyourname ( which can remove negative reviews; whilst adding more positive reviews via its reviews software.

Another attributes to consider when you want to “get more reviews“; thus, choosing a reviews software provider. An important attribute is being able to link to the reviews platforms you’re most interested in, such as TrustPilot, Yelp, Google My Business (GMB),, Better Business Bureau (, etc.

What are the attributes to consider in choosing the right, low-cost reputation management review software?

The short answer is their own online reputation management profiles. Here are just some online reviews about Birdeye, that the online review software provider, may not want you to read:

Here are other Birdeye Reviews; this time, from an “insider” of internal knowledge — a former employee:


Here is another reviews profile on Birdeye; this time from the Better Business Bureau (BBB):


Note: The Better Business Bureau, has scale ratings, with its Top Rating of A Plus; down to B; C; D; F; .. and so on. Therefore Birdeye’s “NR” rating is obviously well below the top A+ rating,.

The question is,.. could it be due to Birdeye’s multiple complaints?

Sure, Birdeye has a lot of positive reviews on the internet. One may think; it’s no secret, many websites and companies have fake reviews. The question is, would a “whistleblower“; an employee, have insight into Birdeye’s fake reviews?

The following post by a former employee may shed light:


The pending question is, are fake reviews illegal?

The answer is obvious. Of course, a company may get away with fake, false, or illegal reviews, but what happens if or when you get caught?

Here are some recent cases to consider:


The question herein is, are fake reviews worth it?

The Answer: Just from reading the above, any logical person can see the light, fake reviews are not worth it.


What to consider about Review Reputation Management Software?

Reviews Management Software (RMS) comes down to technology, connectivity, scalability, and an easy-to-use experience. Every RMS may claim to be the best (some offer subscription services) in the ever-changing World Wide Web (“WWW”)-search result process.

To challenge a Reviews Software Provider’s claims of being “The Best”. Keep in mind, Google has performed over 4,500 algorithm changes in 2021 and over 5,000 thus far in 2022.

In today’s digital and social media landscape, having a positive personal and/or business reputation is vital. Every business owner knows, working long hours and keeping customers happy is not enough. In today’s digital-social media age, customers simply demand more; more & more!


Digital advertising media is ever-changing; competitors rise and fall. As a business owner, it’s your bread and butter to stay ahead of the pack. How Do You Do It?

There’s no doubt, reviews are certainly one of the most valuable ways to stay competitive and rise to the top.


Choosing between “Brideye vs Podium”, or Fixyourname vs Birdeye may be the “make-or-break” scenario for your business.

The reviews software industry: Do they have your best interest in mind, or is it all about the money?

Reviews Software companies are not fiduciary, meaning they are not obligated to recommend what is best for you; hence this may be a reason Podium and Birdeye have prices of higher “packages”. Remember, after “the sale“,… you purchased it, .. it’s simply a software package you commit to using. Use it as you wish, or don’t use it all; as long as you paid upfront.

It’s no surprise and documented, customers of reviews software providers, have reported feeling scared to use the software and even robbed after their purchase. This is due to little help or guidance from the providers, after the purchase. This is often the case with low-end software providers. Note: Podium and Birdeye are considered high-end; and in comparison, high-cost providers.

Top competitors of Brideye, such as Reputation Management Firm “” offer live support agents you can actually speak to. Surprisingly to industry standards, you are given your reps’ direct-phone number.

Remember, you can’t talk to the software you bought, but you can talk to a Fixyourname Reviews

Account Specialist @ 877-Fix-Name.

Who is Birdeye?

First, Birdeye Inc. is not to be confused with Birds Eye, the frozen food company.

As to Birdeye Inc., according to:

BirdEye is a business-to-business reputation and customer experience management platform headquartered in Palo Alto, California. The software-as-a-service company was founded in 2012 by the brothers GUPTA Brothers: Naveen Gupta (CEO) and Neeraj Gupta (COO).

As reported on en.everybodywiki , BirdEye may have partnerships with over 200 review websites, along with social platform interrogations, such as Twitter, Google, and FB. Brideye, Inc. It is said to service +50K businesses both large and small.

As reported, Birdeye Inc. ( claims 4 locations, including its Gurugram office, in the country of India.


What is the history of BirdEye?

BirdEye was established in 2012 in Sunnyvale, California. The file can be verified via the California Secretary of State Via their profiles, the Birdeye founders, and the Gupta brothers came up with the Brideye idea in college, when in need of a surgeon with great reviews.

According to Linkedin, Naveen Gupta was the Chief Product Officer (CPO) at RingCentral before BirdEye. Neeraj Gupta was a former Engineering at Yahoo and Oracle.


What were the Birdeye Funding campaigns?

In 2015, BirdEye is said to have raised $8 million in “Series A” funding assisted by Trinity Ventures.

In 2017, BirdEye raised $25 million in Series B funding also led by Trinity Ventures; this time assisted by World Innovation Lab


What is the Birdeye Business Model?

The service, or software, is largely used by businesses to monitor and receive online reviews. BirdEye’s software suite includes review monitoring, review generation, review marketing, client surveys, social platform listening, social publishing of content, customer support ticketing, listings, and other platform services.


To its trademark name “Birdeye”, what’s a good “Bird-eyes” view of the Review Software provider?

Things To Consider Before you spend your hard-earned money on Reviews Software:

If you’re looking to Review Software, odds are, you have a negative reviews problem. If you do, it doesn’t mean you have to rush into a purchase of any reviews software package. You must do your homework first. Don’t feel pressured because you want to remove negative online content and add positive reviews. Many; or nearly all, review software providers claim to be the “Best” reviews software to add real positive reviews.

The question is, what is their cost and what do they offer?

From the web, here are some “Pros and Cons” of Brideye:


What are Birdeye: Complaints, Controversies, and Birdeye Lawsuits?

As a company, Birdeye is no stranger to lawsuits. Of course, the California legal system is full of lawsuits and attorneys willing to take them on suits, regardless of whether them being frivolous or having a tangible impact in harming customers.

Below are a few Birdeye lawsuits readably found on the web:

In considering any company, due diligence is key. The internet is full of content, be it false, true, or somewhere in between.

The power of the internet (reviews) may be being used against you. Why not use the power of the internet in your favor? If your business and brand matter, its best to research and review all the top reviews software providers.


What are the Pros and Cons?

Simply put:

Birdeye vs Podium ( Podium Compared to Birdeye):

Podium is a known competitor of Birdeye. Many review software providers create a lot of “bells and whistles” to outshine the competition. The fact is, most buyers of reviews software are independent small-to-mid-size businesses. If you’re a business owner, you know time is the most valuable commodity. You don’t have the time to figure out all the technical “bells and whistles” offered in an online platform. You simply want to get to the point. You want more good reviews, period.

PROS: What are some Podium Features?

Webchat to a text message. A web visitor can turn a conversation from a live chat to a chatbot; to text messages, via a widget that must be integrated into your website.

Team chat: This is for company team members to communicate with one another, and even loop-in customers in the conversation. You may think of it, as members within your company, emailing each other and CC-ing a customer.

Video chat: This Podium feature allows you to video-chat with team members within your company, and even with a potential customer. You may think of it as a Zoom meeting, in which you can invite co-workers, clients, and potential clients to web meetings (Zoom meeting).

The meat and potatoes: Podium allows you to receive reviews. Like many other Reviews Software Providers, Podium can send a request via text and email request to review to your customers.


What is the price, or cost of Podium Reviews Services?

According to web info: It all depends on what package you choose. At the low end, you will be paying $289 per month and up to $649 per month. That adds up to $3,468 and $7,788 per year, respectively.


Google: People also Ask – How much is Birdeye Monthly?

The price really depends on the package you choose. As noted online, Podium list all pricing; Birdeye does NOT disclose the high-end “Custom” pricing. What is known, is their base pricing,.. which starts at: $299 and $399. These add up to $3,588 and $4,788 per year, respectively.

To a business owner working through this Covid Pandemic economic landscape, Birdeye’s $4,788 per year fee, or Podium’s $7,788 per year fee, may have a negative impact on their bottom line. After all, in business, every dollar has an impact on your bottom line.


Where Podium may fall short, according to content found on the web?

Podium Customer Support: It seems that users are complaining that Podium’s support is not up-to-par with other Review Software platforms. It’s been reported that it can take days to hear back from a rep. Some Podium users report complaints that “Promised” returned calls, never happen.

Podium Custom Pricing: Is not set in stone. You have to speak to them and the rep you speak to will give you his or her price. That complaint may be warranted, as most customers prefer to see the price before they call. Most customers don’t want to be “up-sold”, or feel they are being upsold upon a phone call.

Podium Reporting: The one problem that is said to be a drawback to their reporting tools is that users are not able to download reports to analyze. This of course “prehistoric” (outdated software) in the world of data transfers and cloud storage.

Podium Lead Organization: Unfortunately, it’s been reported that when leads come in, you can’t separate or assign which lead goes to which salesperson. Leads are sent to a dashboard that only people with access can see. Most companies don’t just let any sales rep access such proprietary tools.


Where does Birdeye Review service do well?

Bulk Messaging: Just as any autoresponder can send out 1,000 + emails. Birdeye can likewise do the same, via text messaging. Of course, spam criteria still apply.

Detailed Reporting: The best part about Birdeye’s deep reporting tools. This may be over a novice’s head, but for the experienced; tech-savvy business owner–it’s a plus.

Campaign Analysis: Users can analyze their advertising, social media, and certain ad marketing.

Citation Listings: Just like many providers, there is a directory listing feature within the platform.


Beyond the Price, what are the Drawbacks of Birdeye?

Email Support: As reported on the net, users complain that Birdeye Support is just too slow; a minimum, waits are 24 hours. As a business owner, you may feel waiting a day for a response to “start to” remove something that is affecting your revenue, rankings, or customer experience,… is just not acceptable.

Yelp Review Responds: As reported on the net, users are not able to respond to Yelp reviews. is, of course, one of the biggest review platforms in the US. Not having full access may be a drawback to paying Birdeye users.

Automated Reporting: As reported, currently there is no automated reporting system available in Birdeye. For now, it all has to be generated manually. Most business owners report they simply don’t have the time for Manual Reporting extraction.


Google Search for Alternative competitors of Podium and Birdeye:

People Also Ask, what is a low-cost alternative to Review Software Providers, such as Podium and Birdeye?

Who is Fixyourname (

Incorporated in 2008, with deep roots in Internet Technology Dynamics (“ITDs”). FixYourName is a Tech-Firm with a passion for search engine algorithms, learning bots, and Google’s artificial intelligence (“AI”) search engine protocols (“RankBrain”). At its core, Fixyourname a Tech-Firm which holistically evolved into a search engine (“online”) reviews reputation management firm.

Our model: “Our passion is Tech-innovation; customer satisfaction comes due to our passion —Technology.


Technology is automated, why pay more for automation?

Compare Review Software Provider’s prices below:


Want to learn more about FixYourName’s, low-cost Review Software services?

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Looking for more helpful information about Birdeye?

Google’s: People Also Ask:

What is Birdeye used for?

Birdeye is known as a client engagement online platform, with customers in the thousands. Users use Birdeye for new leads, directory listings, reviews, and referrals all to make them into a customer. Services include payment, web chatbots, as well as surveys, and ticketing.


Is Birdeye part of Google?

The short answer is no, Birdeye is not part of Google [link to Wikipedia google profile]. Like other review software providers, Birdeye can support Google My Business (GMB) profiles.


Who uses Birdeye?

Most users are small business owners and advertising & marketing companies.

How much is Birdeye monthly?

As noted above, the price starts at $299 and is $399 monthly.

For other Google’s “People Also Ask”, a simple Google search will highlight more Q & A’s.

How To Guide: How To Get More Reviews:


Of course; if you have the time, manual work can definitely get you some results. However, in today’s digital media economy, automation can be the difference between working to “get more reviews”, or working, .. and automatically getting more reviews.


If you’re a Do It Yourself (“DYI”) type of person, there are certain steps you can manually take to increase customer feedback and receive more reviews. Below are some top strategies to receive more customer reviews.


The Ultimate Guide: Top 10 Strategies To Getting More Reviews, Good Reviews.

  1. If you have a Website or Social Media profile where you can link reviews. Ask your customers for feedback on their experience. Most customers are on the go, so if you ask them for feedback after they left your store, odds are, they will put it off and never take the time to give you a review. Try asking for feedback while they wait at your lobby or store. Today, everyone has a smart phone. They will be on their phone while they wait, why not have them show their appreciation for your services while they wait.
  2. If you don’t have a website or social media profile. Just about every business qualifies for Yelp reviews. You can simply call Yelp and create a profile if you don’t already have one. It’s fast, simple, and free. Let all your current customers know that you just created or upgraded your Yelp profile. Let them know you appreciate feedback and that it helps you grow. You’ll be surprised by how many happy customers are willing to pay you back with compliments.
  3. Don’t forget your past customers. You know your customers; you may have their phone number or email. You can call them or send them an email about a promotion you’re running. That will start a conversation or at least place your brand in their mind. If you call them, let them know you upgraded or started a Google My Business (GMB), Yelp, TrustPilot, etc. profile and appreciate the feedback.
  4. The right customer is key. As a business owner you know, not all customers are worth pursuing. Frankly, some you don’t what as customers in the first place. As far as reviews go, ask the right customers, and stay away from the wrong customers.
  5. When you get a good review. Obviously, that’s a satisfied customer that you want to speak to. Odds are, that customers only left a good review on one reviews platform, such as Yelp or GMB. Call them and thank them for that good review; let them know you appreciate their feedback, and let them know you have rising review profiles on other platforms. If they thanked you once for your services, odds are, they will thank you again on the other platforms.
  6. The dreaded bad review. It’s almost impossible to make everyone happy all the time. That said, contact the people that left you a bad review. Perhaps, you may just turn that person around. In most platforms, the reviewer can change the review content and the star rating they gave you. It all starts with a phone call.
  7. Run some promotions. Depending on your line of business, you may offer more than one service. If you run a promotion for say 5 different products or services. You have 5 possibilities of getting a review from 1 person. It’s an odds game, the more you stack in your favor, the better your odds.
  8. Added bonus: When you get a review, it’s okay to thank them with a discount. Remember, you cannot pay for reviews. Thus, thanking them for a surprise discount is just a bonus. Perhaps, you can add that bonus or discount to a “Refer a Friend” promotion. You may just drum up some more business that way.
  9. Real faces, make for credible reviews. Many platforms allow users to post their profiles and even pictures. When possible, add those reviews to your website. When people visit your website, they may just see a face they recognize. There is nothing better than a familiar face making a recommendation. To learn more about how to implement that review tool on your website, visit here to learn more.
  10. Give a little, you may get a lot. After your customer’s visit. Perhaps you can give them a thank you card, a small item with your logo, contact info, and your reviews profile. They will thank you for it, and if you ask them for feedback/reviews, this strategy may just give you 10-fold on your investment.


The above 10 “DIYs” may work well for you, but if you want to excel in your business, automation is key. This doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars [ up to $4,788 & $7,788 per year with Birdeye or Podium, respectively ] on reviews software.

The question is: Are you ready to Find Out More About Birdeye and Podium’s, low-cost competitor?

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