Reputation Defender: A reputation protector, or just another reputation management campaign?


reputation management campaign


The question is: Do Reputation Defender’s complaints and reviews tell the real story, or do they hide a larger problem?


Reputation Management Firms (RMFs) such as Reputation Defender and its best reputation management competitors, such as;;;, and, have their collective reputations to protect. Every organization has an online reputation to protect; thus, every organization needs to manage their negative online reviews and content. The question is, which company is the right online reputation defender for you? The list of reputation management businesses and low-cost competitors in the field is almost endless. But, you should Google “search results customer complaints”, before making your decision. 

As the saying goes: Your reputation follows you no matter where you go. Hence the reason why choosing the right reputation protector, with high-quality services and business methods are vital for your social media presence. When choosing the best low-cost reputation management service (RMS) company, it comes down to your budget and the number of bad reviews or the amount of negative content you wish to remove, alter, or suppress.


What are the things to consider when choosing the right low-cost reputation management repair firm?


ReputationDefender | Online Reputation Management


The short answer is there are many alternatives; as such, look for their reputation, experience, and knowledge. 

The real question is, who has the best form of action?

Online Reputation Management (ORM) comes down to knowledge, experience, and evolving expertise in the field of search engine results. Every RMF may claim to be the best (some offer subscription services) in the ever-changing World Wide Web search result process. Keep in mind that Google performed over 4,500 algorithm changes in 2020 and over 5,000 in 2021.

Today, having a positive personal and/or business reputation is vital. As every business owner knows, one works hard and puts in long hours to keep customers happy. Of course, not all clients are reasonable, and some may have unreasonable expectations. They can post negative reviews about your organization and claim anything. They write the bad review and go about their day; you have to deal with the consequences to your organization and reputation for years.


The reputation management industry: Do they have your best interest as their priority, or is it all about the money?


ORM companies are not law firms, accountants, or financial advisors, which are regulated or have fiduciary duties (no legal oversight). This is all the reason due-diligence is important. Although Reputation Defender and its competitors may have the client’s best interest in mind, their own finances, time, and capital commitments are at the heart of what they will do for you. If they can’t do it, or if it’s not cost effective, the “basics” is what you will get. Industry standards are an “old-school” approach to ORM that is what you will get from most online reputation defenders.

It is no surprise, and well documented, that many customers of reputation management companies have lost thousands of dollars and received little or no results—meaning their negative online content, reviews, photos, mugshots, etc., appear on Google, Yahoo, and other online search results. This is after months of work and thousands of dollars of costs incurred.


Before you spend your hard-earned money on an RMS, ask yourself: Does the “reputation protector” have negative customer reviews?


You may not want to rush into a purchase of one of their packages; do your homework first. Don’t feel pressured because you want to remove negative online content. Many, or nearly all, ORM firms claim to delete or remove online news articles, arrest records, court records, mugshots, pictures, photos, and all kinds of bad press (media lies).

Any company may claim anything; their complaints and guest blog posts may tell the real story.

The power of the internet may be being used against you; use the power of the internet in your favor. Research and review all the top online reputation defenders you’re considering hiring, their privacy solution, marketing sites, review websites, consumer rating, pricing tactics, and recommendations. 


Which are the top and most popular complaint and review sites?

  1. rippoffreport
  2. pissedconsumer
  3. complaintsboard
  4. yelp
  5. BBB (a consumer advocacy group) | Pissedconsumer, reviews business

Brand awareness is important when you have a business to run. The internet and all the review platforms may be overwhelming. It’s no wonder more and more people look to RMS companies to defend their personal and business online reputations. May customers say an organization’s customer service department is the most important factor in their decision to stay with the company or go to a competitor.

Nonetheless, research and speak to the best affordable reputation defenders and/or online review management software provider. Review their software and speak to their customer service department before the purchase. Not all RMFs have a review us section to receive customer feedback.


The online reputation management industry does not lack competitors. Which are the top reputation defender competitors and what are their records?


The ORM industry does not lack competitors. Some of these top competitors are found on Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Google. However, there is a professional organization called, which not only provides these services but also has a guaranteed removal service of their own. Simply put, if it’s not removed, you don’t pay. That’s the Fix Your Name promise. Reputation defender-type companies have been criticized for their own negative reviews on the internet. Whether you’re looking to restore your reputation, build an online presence, or simply combat privacy threats, we can help!

An online reputation defender may often contest their own negative reviews, but are they actually successful?


The answer is most often no. Simply do the research, Reputation Defender has many reviews. You may read the negative reviews and run away. It’s your money and your reputation—it’s your choice. Using common sense, if the online reputation defender is not good enough to have a clean online image of their own, what can they possibly do for yours? Have you googled the search term “Reputation” followed by “Reputation Defender”?


Online reputation management company Reputation Defender: Is it the largest and oldest?


Online Reputation | Reputation Management

Its public data states that Reputation Defender is headquartered in the city of Redwood, in Northern California. The organization reports a start date of 2006. Through its marketing activities, it promotes its website on the internet, radio, and television. The question is, what are their business practices?


Below are links to resources that bring to light Reputation Defender customer experiences: (simply search for “Reputation Defender”)

Notably, the company has received millions in investments. In 2008, it was acquired by Stagwell Group. Recently, it was acquired by NortonLifeLock. Covid-19 has increased internet searches, as many people now work from home. In 2022, and possibly 2023, 2024, and beyond, online searches may continue to increase due to people working from home as the Covid-19 pandemic continues. Some claim monkeypox may be the next pandemic—time will tell. Thus, having a good online reputation is key. Remember, your past is only a Google search away. Fixing your online personal and business reputation has never been more crucial.


What type of customers does Reputation Defender attract—people looking for business branding or just assistance with online marketing?


Reputation Defender is on TV and Radio. They may claim to be the oldest and largest. At times; due to desperation, they attract large corporations with multi-million dollar budgets that may seek the oldest and largest RMF. The question is, will they pay the same attention to your ORM problem as they do for the large clients they have? The answer may just be that, it depends on the Reputation Management Package you buy. Many customers are looking for removal of defamation on search engines, such as Google and Yahoo.

Even if they claim to do the same level of work for you, one may consider that being the largest and oldest online RMF may not be a great attribute in the new-tech, ever-changing internet landscape.

There is no doubt the company can put out a lot of advertising dollars; perhaps that is why they may charge the highest price in the industry for the same services. Reputation matters, and cost should too.


The pros and cons of Reputation Defender reputation repair services


Reputation: Reputation Defender may be one of the largest and oldest reputation management companies in the industry. You figure that if they’ve been around so long, they may be good at what they do, right? Moreover, if they spend millions of dollars on advertising, they may be good at what they do, right? You would expect such an organization to have a clean online reputation, right? What if you discovered that things were not right with Reputation Defender?

Reputation Management, Feedback, Reviews


Pros and Cons:

Simply put:

Pro: They have been around for a long time.

Con: They have a lot of reviews that you may want to think over.

It’s your money; it’s your choice. Why pay more?


The question is: Does that large advertising budget equal a high price tag to customers?


The high price tag customers are reporting, blogging, commenting, and reviewing about may be just one of their problems. Every business owner knows a large advertising budget cannot be sustained under a slim margins scenario. If is spending tons of money on advertising, the customer just may be paying the price. Have you googled “Reputation” along with the related keyword “Reputation Defender”?

It is clear that many people are interested in this service, after all what business organization doesn’t want a clean reputation? Reputation Defender spends so much money on advertising and marketing that a slim profit margin on services would rarely, if ever, be sustainable.


If fixing your online reputation was easy, nobody would have a bad online reputation, right?


It’s important to note, whether you’re a Reputation Defender customer or a customer of a low-cost competitor, that online reputation repair takes time. Remember, the internet is ever-changing., the leader of all search engines, changed its algorithms over 4,000 times last year. That means that if you’re not up-to-date, you may be the oldest and largest . . . dinosaur. In online reputation management, every profile is different. You may have different negative online content on dummy sites, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and various social media networks. Every platform, network, and search engine has different internet protocols and guidelines to follow. The time consumption, components, and protocols needed to address each platform, depend largely on the number of impressions the web link is getting. 

A reputation management company, with firm, up-to-date knowledge of bot technology, social media, and search engine algorithms maybe able to Fix Your Name—overnight. provides a reputation report free of charge to new clients. We have the reputation management tools. You have the choice!

reputation defender reviews

Is an online RMS important to your personal reputation and business reputation?


Business Reputation, Personal Reputation, how to.

If your answer is no, then you’re doing something wrong. Social media presence, social media accounts, and customer satisfaction have never been more important. Without a doubt, the internet has become a valuable tool for communication, commerce, and entertainment. With so many people using the web to communicate with friends and family members or buy goods and services, it becomes increasingly important to protect one’s privacy and reputation. Every business owner knows one’s personal reputation affects the business brand; thus, the bottom line—profits! Reputation, it’s the start and the end of profits.

Odds are, if you are reading this article, the choice is obvious. Protecting both your personal and business online reputation has never been more crucial.


Can reputation management companies really deliver on their claims to remove negative search results from Google and other search engines?


Reputation Defender is one of the leading reputation management companies in America. However, many reputation management companies claim to be “a leading RMF.” The fact is, the proof is in the pudding. A company’s success may be assessed by satisfied clients and their online reviews. This is why it is so important to research all of the reputation defenders you are considering using. Remember, many of the ORM companies have been featured on CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, and other major media outlets. With all the press releases and media networks who pick up their stories, the question still stands, are they really able to deliver on their claims, or are they just a search engine optimization service firm?

The short answer is yes, suppressing negative online content and promoting the good online content is easily done by any reputable reputation online management (ROM) firm. The true test is whether they can keep the bad content down, keep the good content up, and delete the links. Fix Your Name removes, deletes and/or alters negative online contents and reviews. The best part is that the customer only pays if the negative website link is removed from Google. Reputation matters. can do just that: Fix Your Name online.


The typical online reputation management services: The actions, steps and truth about the ORM industry.


Reputation Management Strategies:

  1. For both your bad personal online reputation and bad business reputation, create neutral and positive content, then rank that content higher than the negative online content.
  2. While pushing down negative content and raising positive and neutral content, ORM firms may attempt to delete, alter, or remove the negative content. Keep in mind that deleting content is the most time consuming.
  3. Online monitoring of the internet (e.g., cheaters websites and complaint websites) for your keywords or other information (e.g., your first name and last name, company name, a hashtag, or photo/mugshot).
  4. Optimizing sites, platforms, and networks with likes, website traffic, and linking based on tiers, checking website reputation, etc.
  5. Some reputation management companies may offer: Concierge service and flagship offering to assure customers concerns about their pricing increases, calling those special services game-changers to “cyber-scrubbing”.

Buyer beware, if it sounds like a sales pitch, it is. A company’s responsiveness, capabilities, and effectiveness can be measured via their web presencethe reviews their website receives.


Ongoing reputation management sounds like a lot of work. What are my options?


To the average person or business owner that has daily tasks—absolutely, it’s a lot of work. That’s the reason ORM is called “management,” because it is just that. Remember, any reputable online reputation protector may eventually suppress your negative online content. The question is, do they have the tools and technology to keep your negative online content buried and suppressed while keeping your positive online content high ranking?

If your personal online reputation and/or business online reputation is worth it, consider a technology firm that automates the process can Fix Your Name and keep it that way. Remember, suppression of negative online content, keeping positive and neutral content high ranking is just the start to truly Fix Your Name. Content removal is the key to a clean online reputation. Remember, suppression of negative online content and promoting positive content to brand yourself is easy for most reputable reputation repair companies.

The questions are: Do you want to stop at simply taking your negative online content to the second, third, fourth, or fifth page of Google search results? Or do you want a clean slate, and to remove your negative online content and reviews?

Why pay more when you can pay less . . . and get more. Visit:


Review management tools: Timeline and the ORM environment


Your bad personal and business reputation is costing you money daily, in the form of loss of business due to negative search results. The question is, why do reputation protectors take months or years to achieve the promised results?

As you know, time is money. Many ORM firms do not claim to remove or delete everyone’s negative online content. It is their practice to push down, suppress, hide, or bury negative Google search results.

The best, average, or even the worst online reputation defenders can easily do this. can do the same work for a fraction of the cost. Fix Your Name is not only a company name or slogan, does just that: Fix your name and reputation. Unlike other online reputation defenders and RMFs, Fixyourname deletes and removes negative online content and reviews—or you don’t pay.


Do negative reviews and complaints about Reputation Defender really matter?


If your organization is in the business of selling services, you know what you are good at, and of course, you will do it well, or even best, for yourself, right? Research, educate yourself, and ask questions before you buy.

If the online reputation defenders you’re considering have bad reputations, does it matter to you?


Online reviews, Reputation Defender, and the best low-cost competitors.


Of course, no one is perfect. However, if you were going to build a house, would you go to a builder with a defective house? It is no secret; their reviews speak for themselves. When reputation matters, who you pay matters. A clean reputation with great reviews is your goal, and it’s what you’re willing to pay thousands of dollars for.

Does it make sense to pay thousands of dollars to the numerous online reputation defenders, only to achieve what they have themselves: Negative reviews and online content?


Choosing the right reputation management company comes down to price and results.


Reputation Management | Review Content Removal


What many online reputation defenders have in common and how to choose:

  • A website with a questionable reputation.
  • Old practices, ineffective services, slow turnaround, and little to no communication on your ongoing reputation management project.
  • Low entry price, then the upsell. They may tell you, “You’re not seeing the results fast enough, because you opted for the lower-priced package.”
  • Lack of concern when a customer complains or questions their techniques, because you’ve paid and are under their control.
It’s your money. It’s your reputation. It’s your choice! Do you simply want to hide negative online content, or do you want more—a complete removal?


Choose smart, search wide, and be wise. This is why the term “Reputation Defender vs Brandyourself” is searched so often. Online reputation management may be easy for reputable ORM repair firms, but not for all of them. Remember, hiding your negative content may be easy, but that’s half the job. If you want a clean slate, and want to Fix Your Name, consider not just hiding your negative content but also removing or deleting it. Remember, many make claims, but what does their online reputation say? Can they do it?

Many ORM companies may find themselves on complaint and review sites, such as Rippoffreport, Complaintsboard, Pissedconsumer, Yelp, Better Business Bureau, and others.

Ask yourself, if the online reputation defender you’re looking to for help needs help itself, what does that say?

Many of the “top” online reputation defenders have a list of negative content you may want to avoid. Choose smart, search wide, and be wise. You’ve already gone through so much.

reputation defender reviews
Online reputation defenders promote their online reputation management solutions to delete, remove, or suppress negative reviews and a variety of online content.


If it was always possible to accomplish this, every reputation management company and their clients would have a clean slate every 30 days. The fact is, if the ORM firm you hire is not up-to-date on the latest techniques, they’re wasting your time and your money. Google, the largest search engine, conducted over 4,000 algorithms changes last year. Google algorithms are so complex that they are the most sophisticated computer programs in the world. What worked before may not work tomorrow. is not only up-to-date, Fix Your Name may also report algorithm updates based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) open protocols. This is why one should google “check website reputation.” It’s amazing what information can be found.


Deleting and removing online content: What is de-indexing?


Fix Your Name | Remove Content | De Index, FAQs


The most common method of removing online content is to remove it from the source, such as deleting a post on Facebook or negative articles, bad press, mugshots, reviews, comments, blog posts, and other negative content you want permanently removed from the internet. Google, at various times, has multiple protocols to “de index” content. Where most RMFs fail is that they try the same protocol from the same source (i.e., IP address) over multiple attempts.

De-indexing is the opposite of indexing. When you want a page to appear on Google, you index it with When you want to de-index a webpage, you want to remove and delete that negative online website link. To our knowledge, Reputation Defender does not claim to have the ability to de-index. has the tools and knows the protocols and techniques. You have the choice.


What should you do when someone keeps spreading rumors about you on social media, and you want to delete them?


Sure you can ask them to take it down, but if you’re reading this, you know that’s not going to work. They will just write more negative online content about you. Many online reputation defenders will give you a sales pitch that all you need to do is hide the negative website links. In today’s Covid-19 world, everyone has more time to search online. That’s proven by an increase in online searches due to Covid, and many people working from home. This is why reputation management is so important.

The short answer to the question above is that you can speak to an online reputation defender, such as Fix Your Name. Get the help you need.

The technology is up-to-date, the protocols are followed, the passion for helping our clients get a clean slate is always there. A clean and positive online reputation is a choice­—your choice.


Desperate times call for desperate measures?


Let’s face it, if you had no need for ORM, you wouldn’t be doing your research on the topic. However, if you’re in crisis management due to an onslaught of cyber-smears, such as negative press articles about you or your business profile, you may just take desperate measures.

Strike while the iron is hot, that’s the sales approach of many reputation management companies. They know you are under pressure and you may be losing business and friends due to bad press. You will do whatever it takes, even if it means choosing the wrong online reputation defender. Many people google search terms such as “my reputation” or “Reputation Defender vs Brandyourself.” Odds are, those searching those terms, as well as “how to repair my reputation” are in need of help. Some may be celebrities looking to protect their brand. | Celebrity Reputation Repair

Listen to the online reputation representative; if it sounds too good to be true, it is just that.

Listen to the online reputation representative; if he or she can’t explain the process, it’s just a sales pitch.

Listen to the online reputation representative; if the process is not technically sound and up-to-date, it a sales pitch.


In Google searches, people also ask: Everyone wants a FREE online reputation service. Does it exist?


The short answer is no. The fact is, reputation management is complex and time consuming and it takes ongoing management. Nonetheless, there are things you can do yourself. On little projects, just gives you simple request removal protocols. Sometimes, it’s as little as sending the request to remove. Yes, it can be that simple, for little projects. Call Fix Your Name and find out how easy it can be, it’s free.


How do you check your online reputation? Need more information? Is there a registration form?


There are many “reputation score checkers.” The fact is that such software products are subjective, as many are offered by ORM companies that want you to submit your information. Why do they want your information? First and foremost, they want your contact info; thus you become a sales lead. The short answer is, google yourself. That is what others are doing, so that is what you are most concerned with.

reputation defender reviews fixyourname
How do I fix my online reputation?


First, have a presence everywhere. Don’t just have an online reputation, keep a good one. There is a list of online reputation defenders that can help. Do your research and choose a reputable online management firm that will do more than just fix your name. Choose an ORM that will remove your negative online content—not just suppress it.


Need more information on: How do I clean up my online reputation?


If your definition of “clean up” is suppression or hiding negative online content, there are lots of solutions out there. The first thing you need to do is search your name and business name on all the popular search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. Remember, cleaning is just one part of the process. If you have a business organization or a brand you want to protect, you must protect it. Fix Your Name has the software, the tools, and the techniques to not only clean your online presence but also protect it.


Can I repair my reputation?


An online reputation repair is only a band-aid. Suppressing and hiding your negative online content puts a band-aid in place. That is what most reputable online reputation defenders do. That is the short part of the job. The fact is, that is only the start. To truly repair your online reputation, you must not only suppress your negative content but also remove, alter, or delete your negative content. has the tools; you have the choice.


How do I manage my online reputation?


If you have customer reviews, first ask whether they are they positive or negative. Managing positive reviews is just as important as managing negative reviews. You must reply to all reviews, but consult with an expert review managing service before replying to negative reviews. You may want to reply to negative reviews with a passion and tell the customer off, but don’t do it. If you want that negative review removed, you have to reply the right way. Fix Your Name has the tools; you have the choice.


How much does Reputation Defender cost?


You can read the reviews for yourself—thousands of dollars. The fact is, there are high-ranking RMFs such as Fix Your Name that can do the work for a fraction of the cost. Ultimately, it’s your reputation at stake; you have already suffered a financial cost. As you know, negative reviews and content are costing you not just in terms of your reputation, they’re also costing you money. Don’t pay a high cost if you don’t have to. Call It’s free and confidential.


What would it cost to clear my reputation?


Every situation is different. The age of the link, the traffic the website gets, the ranking of the website, the traffic to that specific link, and other factors all play a role. Visit and receive a Free consultation.


How can I get more five-star reviews?


Fix Your Name has software that helps you receive more five-star reviews. It also blocks negative online reviews, before they are posted.


In Google searches, people also ask:


FIXYOURNAME| Google People Also Ask


Did you have a negative experience with Reputation Defender?

Does the team at Reputation Defender keep you updated and provide the resources and assistance you need?

What actions should you take to repair your online reputation?

Customer reviews and business branding: What are the moves you should make?

The answers may often be a few clicks away after the online search. However, the answers may be what the company wants you to read, or the competitor’s opinion. Remember, the power of the internet is being used against you, you can harness the power of the internet to educate yourself. is a tech firm that holistically evolved into a search engine algorithm engineering firm, not just an RMF. Call us today—you have nothing to lose but your bad reputation.


Many of the “top” online reputation defenders utilize the same old-school approach, without considering the algorithm changes Google and other search results take into account.

Yesterday’s “proven” approach to online reputation management needs the following for algorithm validity:

  • Building or updating your website
  • Building or updating your social media profiles
  • Building or updating your blog
  • Building or updating your review profiles
  • Building or updating your response software system to combat and protect your reputation across all channels
Can any online reputation management firm build content logs and update scripts, to suppress or elevate online content?


The answer is no. Most online reputation defenders and other ORM services out there cannot do this, may lack technical form and price information. The reason for this is that they are not going to be able to control the original content that is posted on the internet. Without the right combination of de-indexing, search engine algorithms, and “aged” linking protocols—they will fail.


Can hiring the wrong company hurt me?


Without all the techniques—absolutely, the wrong reputation defender will cost you. If the wrong approach to reputation management is taken, the negative links you wish to delete will become more permanent. If the wrong protocols to de-indexing are taken, the links will become more permanent. All wrong approaches will not only make a negative website link more permanent, they will also increase its ranking and web traffic, thus bringing it up on search results, which is the opposite of what you want.

Yes. It’s not just the cost of hiring a bad reputation manager that is going to hurt you, but it could also damage your business or personal brand.

You don’t want someone who can’t do the job properly. You don’t want someone who is going to be able to get your site de-indexed from Google, but not have any type of control over it. Though these agencies are going to be able to do a few things for you, they cannot control what is posted online about your company or service. If reputation management was easy, everyone would do it. It would be a push of a button, but it’s not!


How search engine engineering firm brings your keywords (e.g., your name and/or business name) to life and protects them.


“So-called” online reputation defenders that provide services. If you have engaged an ORM who has failed, there is no need to suffer with their bad results. may add needed fuel and steer the vehicle of your online presence—search engine algorithms, at their best.

The list of reputation defender service providers is endless. Many are based in countries such as India and Pakistan. Of course, a US address does not mean the ORM firm is not a dinosaur, nor does it mean they are up to date on all the Google protocols. is not only up to date our team of experts stay tuned to possible changes before they happen. 

The internet is ever-changing; yesterday’s techniques are old news. Look to a tech firm such as

A search engine algorithm engineering firm that since its inception in 2008 has holistically evolved into a digital RMF.

Keep in mind, that word-of-mouth travels throughout a neighborhood. Your name in online search results—travels the World.


Receive the most comprehensive digital reputation analysis report for your personal or business profile FREE.


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