Tips on How to Get Favorable Website Traffic

Today, many businesses rely on the internet for brand exposure. As such, there is a lot of content that, largely, overwhelms the target audience. Knowing how to get website traffic involves many things, but the click-through-rate (CTR) is the most significant.


Number of No-Click Searches is High


Oftentimes, websites rely on SEO optimization and other tricks to get favorable website traffic through searches. A website that appears on the first page after a search has higher traffic than those on the second page and others that follow. What happens, however, when your page appears on the first page and ranks first or second but generates no clicks? Well, there is a rising trend where there are no clicks after searches. According to SparkToro, 50.33% of searches on Google in June 2019 produced no clicks. Interestingly, this represents the peak of a trend that became significant in 2016. Evidently, the upward trajectory is unlikely to reverse anytime soon. Sure, this should worry everyone because it means the time has come for new tricks. Below, we share some tips for adaptation.


Optimize for Google Featured Snippets


Google is constantly improving its services, especially the speed at which it serves answers to search queries. One of the improvements is the use of featured snippets. Google Featured snippets not only provide a quick way for Google to answer queries but also offer an easy chance for a high-ranking page to take the #1 spot. Featured snippets, also called the Answer Box or the Knowledge Box, take more space at the top of page one of the search results. The featured snippets might be the reason behind increased no-click searches, but they could also increase a page’s CTR. According to Ahrefs data, a featured snippet attracts around 8.6% of clicks. Further, Ahrefs concluded that featured snippets ‘steal’ CTR that would originally go to the first URL on the search results page.


Increase Visibility by Optimizing on All Google Entities


Google is learning what visitors need when they punch those keywords in the search box. Unfortunately, this means that some pages might find themselves completely sidelined from search results. As such, you need a way to beat the search engine by escalating your visibility across the Google ecosystem. Oftentimes, page ranking on Google is not always about SEO and the concentration of keywords. Instead, visibility across all Google properties has an advantage. This visibility enables Google users to access your brand without friction, which results in increased CTR.


Run a Paid Search Ad


Serious entrepreneurs will go to any lengths to ensure that they get what they want. Usually, this includes budget haircuts in other operations to enhance units that lag behind. A paid search appears in the form of an ad at the very top or extreme of the bottom of the search results page. Google places the ads strategically depending on the amount you are willing to pay. There are numerous options available to you in terms of ensuring that your page gets the clicks you desire. However, these do not substitute for the fact that content is king. Always ensure that you churn out high-quality content that is a product of intensive research.


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