Tips on How to Get Favorable Website Traffic

Today, many businesses rely on the internet for brand exposure. As such, there is a lot of content that, largely, overwhelms the target audience. Knowing how to get website traffic involves many things, but the click-through-rate (CTR) is the most significant.


Number of No-Click Searches is High


Oftentimes, websites rely on SEO optimization and other tricks to get favorable website traffic through searches. A website that appears on the first page after a search has higher traffic than those on the second page and others that follow. What happens, however, when your page appears on the first page and ranks first or second but generates no clicks? Well, there is a rising trend where there are no clicks after searches. According to SparkToro, 50.33% of searches on Google in June 2019 produced no clicks. Interestingly, this represents the peak of a trend that became significant in 2016. Evidently, the upward trajectory is unlikely to reverse anytime soon. Sure, this should worry everyone because it means the time has come for new tricks. Below, we share some tips for adaptation.


Optimize for Google Featured Snippets


Google is constantly improving its services, especially the speed at which it serves answers to search queries. One of the improvements is the use of featured snippets. Google Featured snippets not only provide a quick way for Google to answer queries but also offer an easy chance for a high-ranking page to take the #1 spot. Featured snippets, also called the Answer Box or the Knowledge Box, take more space at the top of page one of the search results. The featured snippets might be the reason behind increased no-click searches, but they could also increase a page’s CTR. According to Ahrefs data, a featured snippet attracts around 8.6% of clicks. Further, Ahrefs concluded that featured snippets ‘steal’ CTR that would originally go to the first URL on the search results page.


Increase Visibility by Optimizing on All Google Entities


Google is learning what visitors need when they punch those keywords in the search box. Unfortunately, this means that some pages might find themselves completely sidelined from search results. As such, you need a way to beat the search engine by escalating your visibility across the Google ecosystem. Oftentimes, page ranking on Google is not always about SEO and the concentration of keywords. Instead, visibility across all Google properties has an advantage. This visibility enables Google users to access your brand without friction, which results in increased CTR.


Run a Paid Search Ad


Serious entrepreneurs will go to any lengths to ensure that they get what they want. Usually, this includes budget haircuts in other operations to enhance units that lag behind. A paid search appears in the form of an ad at the very top or extreme of the bottom of the search results page. Google places the ads strategically depending on the amount you are willing to pay. There are numerous options available to you in terms of ensuring that your page gets the clicks you desire. However, these do not substitute for the fact that content is king. Always ensure that you churn out high-quality content that is a product of intensive research.


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3 Tips On Preparing your Business for the Holiday Season

In the U.S. late November through the end of December, is known as the winter holiday.

Fortunately for consumers, this is that season when retailers offer huge discounts on a range of goods. This year, the National Retailers Federation expects the winter holiday sales to expand up to 4.2% compared to 2018. Looking back over five years, sales during the winter holiday season have maintained a positive trajectory. Retailers should expect 2019 to be robust. Last year, the country was in a tight grip of illiquidity due to government shutdown. Notably, the shutdown sent a wave of cash crunch across the economy, making it difficult for Americans to indulge in the huge offers on goods and services. However, poor sales in 2018 did not affect the five-year sales average badly, which stands at 3.7%.

Clearly, this winter holiday is massive for both the supply and demand side. To maximize sales, retailers need to be at the top of their game. Besides having enough stock to cater for the influx of orders, businesses need their online reputation intact for better engagement with customers. Here are some tips for businesses to prepare for this winter holiday.


Build an Online Presence also known as Online Reputation

While the digital platform is shaking up the world of retail, many businesses are still operating in brick and mortar. One major challenge that such businesses encounter is visibility. During holiday seasons and special shopping events like Black Friday, one can easily lose out to rivals.

Fortunately, there is a way around the issue of visibility. Before a big day like Black Friday, do a major makeover for your website. If you do not have one, get one. Ensure that the website is easy to navigate, loads fast and that users can place orders easily. Next, go over your social media pages to ensure that information is up to date. If you have a blog, get busy with fresh content geared at pointing customers at your store.


Review the Readiness of your Store

Shopping holidays could be overwhelming if the influx of customers is huge. Prior to the holidays, conduct a deep review of your store to ensure readiness to handle the pressure. In particular, check if there is enough staff to handle a large population of buyers. Next, check the status of common amenities like boxes for packaging goods, tapes to fasten the boxes, and so on. Above all, conduct general cleaning exercises of the store. Nobody would want to step into a dirty retail shop.



Holiday seasons are periods of festivities. People are out to indulge their tastes, and they have the money to pay for it. Besides, there is some kind of nostalgia that decorations evoke that tends to pull customers to the store. Interestingly, a National Retailers Federation study noted that about 55% of shoppers enter stores intending to browse decoration and gift ideas. Therefore, a nicely decorated store will more certainly attract more shoppers. Additionally, decorations have a way of working magic in the eyes of shoppers. Good sight is always welcoming.


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Online Reputation: Why Does It Matter?

The internet has transformed the business landscape. Today, it is impossible to imagine a productive business without an online presence. It does not matter what you sell, a blog that explains your brick-and-mortar business is crucial. The online reputation that a business cultivates is as important as that developed in the physical realm.


Usually, businesses gauge their online reputation by the kind of reviews they attract. There are numerous websites so far where users share their experiences with different brands and top it up with a rating. Interestingly, this might seem insignificant, but in actual sense, the reviews affect sales and revenues.


According to a Spiegel Research Center report, close to 95% of shoppers use other people’s experiences to decide on what to buy and where to do it. The shoppers read online reviews to get information on the nature of services offered and the quality of the products. Notably, the report found that online reviews are critical for items that are expensive and risky. Further, the report established that businesses benefit a lot from verified buyers, who attract many anonymous buyers. However, businesses that attract perfect ratings raise eyebrows and, probably, may turn some customers away.


Why should you care about online reputation?


The online reputation of businesses is critical since it builds trust between virtual shoppers and the business. If you have a physical store, some shoppers might want to find out how you handle online interactions to ascertain the seriousness of your business. For new customers, they are highly likely to be persuaded to engage further if they see reviews displayed on the page. According to the Siegel report, displaying reviews is likely to create up to 270% conversion rate.


The higher the conversion rate, the higher the sales. As such, it is prudent to ensure that all reviews are posted on the business’ online platform. However, ensure that you balance the reviews since perfect reviews are fishy, especially to new shoppers.


Online reputation cannot take care of itself. Online reputation management takes a lot of time to build. As part of the process, you might n

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Brand Advocates Turn Negative Branding Experiences Around!

Every business endeavors to satisfy their clients and customers, yet the exertion shouldn’t stop there. At the point when a brand takes adequate measures to transform fulfilled clients into brand advocates, they have an enormous effect on brand reliability as well as client experience. Your best sales rep is an upbeat client. The following are four different ways to transform your clients into brand advocates:


1. Provide Motivational Content

Consistently, people browse the web searching for answers to their inquiries as well as solutions for their issues. Content is what offers these answers and provisions. This is the kind of substance that separates your image as an expert in its industry and gains the following of new and existing clients. A substantial substance procedure is an essential component of any brand backing program. Engaging online content helps convert clients into brand advocates in many ways. Initially, it gives some free solutions, which are continuously valued. Furthermore, individuals will regularly share, connecting with content via social media, which will additionally expand the consciousness of your brand’s image and or online reputation.


2. Customize your Marketing

Each client is extraordinary, yet numerous organizations working together online tragically approach present-day purchasers as common masses. Consider, for instance, what number of spam messages and undesirable email pamphlets you get. More often, they’re not by any means customized for the receiver and are often irrelevant. Customizing your brand’s promotional content to appeal to your customers, gives you the opportunity to show your customers how meaningful they are to your brand.

How your customers feel about your brand can influence them to become promoters of your brand.


3. Be Active on Social Media

Web-based life and online reputation go hand in hand with content advertising to the degree that is unyieldingly interlaced. In any case, the social component enables you to definitively draw in with your intended interest group and existing clients to assemble enduring connections. Since the client produced content is so engaging, survey stages and web-based life destinations are regularly among the main spots where purchasers lead to explore. By checking what people say about your image via social media, you’ll additionally be better prepared to distinguish potential brand advocates. You should consistently pursue your clients’ notices and remarks; engage in the discussion at whatever point the open door emerges.


4. React to reviews

Nobody likes being marginalized, particularly on the off chance that they have a protest to make. Each business has the infrequent objection, and tending to these grumblings by offering arrangements can transform an angry client into a brand advocate at times. Such a change may seem like a difficult task, yet it’s regularly conceivable to turn the valuable analysis around to such a degree, that clients may change their audits.


Addressing any issues or client concerns, give you the opportunity to turn to a once disappointed client into a faithful brand advocate.


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Best SEO Practices to Help You Improve Online Reputation

As we all in all know, there are SEO practices that will help you maintain a top spot on the SERPs. In any case, it isn’t right to rank high on Google for wrong reasons as this will obliterate your reputation. Let’s look at five of the best SEO practices that will help you with acing the craft of SEO, and also improve your online reputation as well as keep it on ideal terms.


1. Keep Track of your Competitors’ Online Systems and Reputation

Your online reputation is continually going to be relative to your competitors’. For what reason do your rivals’ clients lean toward them over you? What are people saying when they look at your two brands? This is all critical data that will assist you with improving your very own reputation on the web.

There is an advantage of tracking your competitors, one of them being you can evade a lot of missteps. It is possible you may see something they’re doing well and can execute even better. Before you pass up a significant opportunity any more, or you can gain from another person’s missteps.


2. Have an Online Survey Methodology

Online surveys are getting inescapable. They are the primary thing individuals see when Googling your business. To improve your online reputation, you need a reliable system to deal with your online reviews.

More often than not, people typically avoid leaving online reviews. Studies show people are more likely to leave a negative online review than a positive online review. You do not want to you leave your online reputation in the hand’s clients.


3. Be Consistent and Fulfill your Promises

Fulfilling your obligations as a business owner while trying to avoid foreseen problems in every aspect of correspondence with your clients and/or customers is fundamental to building a good online reputation.

Whether it is offering a client some sort of credit as a way to make up for terrible service. Or guaranteeing to “address” an issue raised over Twitter? Finishing and following through with the improvements and/or promises you’ve resolved to, is essential when it comes to maintaining a good online reputation.


4. Work with Influencers with Extraordinary Online Reputations

Influencer showcasing has been an advertising pattern for some time now. In the B2C world, enormous brands produce huge ROI with excellence and design bloggers, and the B2B world loves to get notification from specialists and industry influencers who’ve made it. Working with extraordinary influencers helps your online notoriety in these three different ways:

– In the first place, it grows your span.
– Second, it gives you credibility.
– Third, it takes into consideration exchange promotion.


5. Quality Online Content

The quality of online content matters, and is the cornerstone of all SEO activities, whether off-page or on-page SEO practices. You need to develop great online content so that you can establish mutually valuable relations with other players in the industry, as this is one of the essential elements of off-page SEO.


Search engines such as Google evaluates the quality of your website’s online content, as well any and all content on other web pages found on the internet for ranking purposes. Developing quality content and the use of different content types can go a long way in helping you improve your business online reputation.


If your online reputation has been compromised, call us today, we can fix your online reputation.

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